Exploring themes for art

| 21 May, 2013 11:21

This is the first post on my new blog!

So let me try to define both for myself and anyone who may happen to read this, what I hope to do with this blog. It is clear to me and anyone who views my work that I am fascinated with a shamanic approach to art. This comes to me through years of exploring, quests, sweat lodges, reading, going to classes about everything from plant spirit medicine to herbalism, going to Sufi retreats. I want to enlighten the world with visuals of the way I have come to see the world. To recap.....as a person ensconced in a mystical background I see everything in nature around me as a sign, a teaching, a healing reminder. There is much to learn from looking at a tree or from observing the light on a river. I want to explore the connections between us, our issues and problems and what aid and assistance comes to us everyday all around us...if we would only look. This is what my art is about.


Have you heard of the Doctrine of Signatures? In the plant world how plants look, their shapes, colors, where they grow, how they feel all our signs about them, and how we as humans can use them. Again visual, sensory information readily available for us.


So for this blog I want to discuss the shapes of trees. As you can see I draw and paint many trees andI am fascinated by their shapes...the way the trunks bend and twist, the way the leaves and branches pool out into the air. Each species of tree has unique qualities and gifts that they bring to the earth and to us in our evolution. 

I have lately been observing white pine.....to me it is the listening tree. Look at how the needles point up, open like antennas to the air, channelling heavenly energy through their long arms and down to their roots.I often find myself in front of a white pine when I want to discuss a problem or an issue....I sense the pine's ability to hear. When I am done speaking, I don't  necessarily get clear answers so much as an ancient, resinous sense of the great gifts this tree has wrapped around a larger vision of what my small concern was.

White pine is usually the tree I use to do my art on. While it is not a great tree for wood burning, especially not great for the actual metal tips, it is a very feeling tree to work on. I love getting panels with grooves, knots, clear lines delineating the years of growth. I love finding my images within the pine.


So thank you pine for guiding my art! Here is to years more to share what I see and discover. Here is to delving into the natural world and letting it heal and enlighten!