My art is designed to uplift and inspire. It is co-created with the power and energy of the trees. Trees as ancient beings have much wisdom to share with us.
In this time of our history with the dark and light so stark we need as much
assistance from the spirits of the natural world as we can get.
AS the saying goes, “if you listen, they will teach!”
I also love to play with animal spirits, because they represent so much about us as humans and I love the interplay between the animals and nature in my pieces.

I work on a wide variety of material, wood, all sorts of paper, linoleum cuts, and more. In whatever medium I work in I love to create a some 3D effects carving in a out, whether it be with paint or a wood burner or a carving tool.
I seem to stray more and more to mixed media, playing with different effects.

As time goes on, as with many artists, I have experimented more and more with abstract images, but often based on the same nature based themes.

I also am working on stories for a children’s book, mainly based on many of the wood burned, and more whimsical images.
Also on this site are my original botanical paintings printed as greeting cards.
I love the wild plants and I love to teach how to appreciate and use them.
If you have an idea of a plant you would love to see as a card, let me know!

You can purchase my book, "Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants
(In Wild  and Not So Wild Places)" Harper Collins, from me as a signed copy. I co-wrote and illustrated it.
It is a definitive guide to collecting and using wild plants.

I love doing custom paintings!
I design the paintings to include whatever is a positive source of power and light
for individuals, including plants and animals.
Check out my custom art gallery.